M illennium Properties is a Real Estate Sales, Rental and Property Management Company located in Kingston Jamaica. We can be found in popular New Kingston - the nation's business capital - next door to the city's top hotels.

Recently-Added Properties for Sale in Jamaica

Brittany Manor/Havendale T/H - (J$22,500,000)
Waterworks/Kgn 8 T/H - (J$29,000,000)
Fern Court Apartments
Charlton Townhouses
Coolshade Patio Houses

Properties for Rent

Bracknell/Jacks Hill T/H - (US$2,200)
Dilcoosha Mews/Kgn 10 T/H - (US$1,300)
Estate Homes/Forest Hills T/H (J$85,000)
Seymour Ave/Kgn 6 T/H (US$3,000)